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Why not Vacation for Life? Well, the Royal St. Kitts Hotel has now made that a possibility, offering condominium units at its tropical, 18-acre resort property through its Vacation for Life Condominium Program (Royal Plaza and Royal Villas).

The Royal St. Kitts Hotel was the first major hotel to open its doors in St. Kitts in 1983, and has been welcoming tourists and locals for over 29 years now. The 18-acre resort property is located on a private lake, directly across from North Frigate Bay Beach, and offers an array of amenities.

The Vacation for Life Program is also a St. Kitts-Nevis Government-Approved Investment Opportunity for Economic Citizenship. Under the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis’ longestablished Citizenship by Investment Program, investors of good character are eligible for St. Kitts-Nevis citizenship when they invest at least $200,000 USD on real estate sold by a government-approved developer. The Vacation for Life real estate investment may be paid for using Bitcoin Cash.

When you purchase a Vacation for Life unit or a Fractional Interest in a condominium unit with us, you will receive registered legal title to one of our resort’s condominium units or in the case of fractional interest, you will receive title reflecting your ownership interest in a particular condominium unit. Since you hold title to your interest in the condominium unit in perpetuity, you are free to transfer your unit through re-sale, gift or by will. If you apply and qualify for Economic Citizenship, please note that you are required to hold your investment for a period of at least 7 years.

An unspoiled, tropical hideaway at an unbeatable price. In a destination that is increasingly becoming known as the high-end unspoiled Caribbean alternative to many of the overdeveloped tourist traps, the Royal St. Kitts Hotel is offering a Vacation for Life to the tranquil Caribbean at an affordable price, with prices starting at $200,000 USD for a condominium unit.

Hassle-free rental revenue.
If you decide that you can’t use your unit in a particular year, simply deposit your unit in our Hotel’s Rental Program and we’ll rent it out on your behalf. You can choose whether you wish to enter the unit into the Monthly Rental Program or the Hotel Guest Rental Program.

Stress-free ownership of real estate.
With an experienced Hotel Management to support you, you can enjoy all of the benefits of owning a condominium unit, with none of the worries of maintenance, security, or upkeep. Just leave it all to us! Monthly condominium maintenance fees start at $560 USD per month and cover all maintenance, utilities, and insurance costs.

Royal St. Kitts Hotel
Attn: Vacation for Life Department
P.O. Box 406, Frigate Bay, St. Kitts, W.I.
Tel: 869.762.8657869.466.3068 Fax: 869.466.6960

John Zuliani, President
Whatsapp: +1 869 762 8657
Telegram: @johnzskb

Tanisha Mitchem, Director of Sales