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Visa-free access to over 157 countries worldwide, including EU and UK, starting from $200,000

No residency

There is no minimum stay required

Dual citizenship

St Kitts allows you to hold dual citizenship

Family eligible

Include a spouse and children

Tax Benefits

Not tax on income or wealth

Learn why you need a second citizen and passport. 

Today’s news headlines are filled with stories from around the globe about upheaval, increased taxes, and governments exerting more and more control over citizens’ freedoms and privacy. The world is rapidly changing and destabilizing, creating more and more risk for people everywhere.

Having a second citizenship and passport in a stable country is now a must in order to hedge against governmental intrusion and excessive taxation. This site explores the value and benefits of acquiring economic citizenship in the Caribbean island nation of St. Kitts and Nevis. This well-respected program is the fastest and easiest pathway to citizenship by investment of any in the world while also allowing the utilization of cryptocurrency.

Free Evaluation


    Fast track citizenship acquisition


    Donation or real estate investment of $200,000


    Visa-free travel, including UK and EU


    Processing time to get your passport.

    I recently completed the economic citizenship application in St Kitts with help from the team at International Investments & Consulting Limited. From beginning to end, their team of experts made the process smooth, and easy to understand. I was amazed as I watched how quickly, and efficiently, they were able to deal with every step of the process. I highly recommend them as my first choice for anyone who is considering a second citizenship.

    Roger Ver - Bitcoin Evangelist

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